Anna Jane (AJ) Trinci
is an actor, singer, comedian, and theatermaker from Bradenton, Florida. She is a double libra with pisces rising, which means she can't decide on anything except that she's sad. She overcame this obstacle and graduated from Florida State University in 2018 with a BFA in musical theater and honors in the major.
Her undergraduate thesis was an immersive musical theater experience concerned with exploring and transgressing the unspoken contract between the American musical theater and its audience. She has particular interest in site-specific, immersive, and remote theatrical encounters. She believes in the cathartic profundity of the absurd.
Since relocating to New York, AJ has enjoyed interning at Gina Gibney Dance, Inc, studying short-form improv at the UCB training center, and working as a host and street performer with The Ride, a popular immersive sightseeing experience.

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