One (presumably) warm Sunday evening in sunny Bradenton, Florida, I came screaming out of my  mother, and I've been making noise ever since. My theatrical megalomania originated in early childhood, when I drove my family to new levels of insanity by turning every event and gathering into a variety show, and by forcing them to take roles in my mandatory reenactments of Gilligan's Island episodes. I found my way into the local community theater, where I looked just androgynous enough, and jumped just high enough to fill an empty spot in the male chorus of Oklahoma. It was the beginning of an era where I would seek out every variety of theatrical experience that came my way, from opera to original works. 


I've spent the last 4 years with Florida State University's Musical Theater program, where I received my BFA and defended my undergraduate honors thesis in directing. I have an ardent passion for writing and performing stand up and sketch comedy, which I've joyfully fulfilled as a member of FSU's premier sketch comedy troupe, 30 in 60. My dream is to one day become the artistic director of my own theater company, and to be at the cutting edge of experimental musical theater. In the meantime, however, if you're looking for a conscientious, thoughtful, and dedicated young theater practitioner to join your team, I'm here for you!


If you happened to find me outside a theater, I'd be writing, reading about neuroscience or queer theory, swilling gallons of coffee, hiking through the woods (or the urban jungle), or attempting to learn a new song on the uke. I love my profession because of the people it puts me in contact with, so don't be shy! Fill out that contact form to stay in touch. 


Much Love,